Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New home for GIST blog & documentaiton

As GIST continues to grow, we've decided that our blog and documentation should become more integrated so that we can better distribute updates and receive feedback. As such, we've relocated to a new WordPress site. Please update your bookmarks to:


We will no longer continue to update our Blogger account so please visit us at WordPress for the latest news and documentation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

GIST and updates on Gift & De-Selection Processing

I am constantly amazed at Mark Sullivan's programming talents, and the phenomenal work of the others on the GIST Team; Tim Bowersox and Kate Pitcher.

Here goes a recap of some of the ongoing GIST development...

Some major rewritten services on the way...
  • Mark tweaked the Worldcat API to add a state level look up or libraries can customized group 3 as with GIST 1 - so libraries can decide if holdings in a state should be considered during evaluations of purchase, gift, or de-selection. Pretty cool Mark - libraries will love this.
  • Mark is working on adding Hathi Trust holdings, that means libraries and users, would know if an item is available full-text from the over 5.3 Million items at the Hathi Trust: http://www.hathitrust.org/ That way, we can make life easier for users who may only need a quick look at some texts, or for staff evaluating gifts or de-selecting materials.
Where are we on automating gift and de-selection processing?
Glad you asked...

The Gift Manager has the automated donor letter (customizable form, of course) that populates all the donations from a user. Screen shot:

It can also now open a window into OCLC Connexion with an automatic item lookup to immediately catalog the item and make life easier for technical services staff. Screen shots:

We are working out the details of the review process at the moment, because some libraries do like sending an email or the work for consideration by the subject expert - we just want to make all that a one button or print action and free up everyone's time.

We always are interested in hearing from libraries about the design and functionality of GIST, so if you have ideas and willing to share them, let us know.

So, the other cool feature is the addition of the BatchWeeder, while the Gift Manager design will parallel the design for the item by item de-selection tool we are calling The Gardener, we think libraries will appreciate a batch evaluation for deselection - because there is way too much individual searches and spreadsheets manually processed by thousands of libraries.

With the BatchWeeder you upload a bunch of ISBN or OCLC#, and quickly get back various data sets about holdings, price, conspectus, full-text availability from various sources. Screen shots:

So, we are happy exploring a new streamlined way to evaluate and process just-in-time & user-initiated acquisitions, gifts, and de-selection. The work continues with interesting dimensions, especially as we look towards adding various evaluation data; awards, notable lists, etc. into the mix.

Your thoughts and suggestions can certainly help us as we continue towards releasing GIST 2 this August 3-4, 2010, in Oswego for the IDS Project Annual Conference - you are all invited; the conference will include programs to deal with GIST 1, 2, and the future; GIST 3.

Best wishes,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GIST in Library Journal, & @ Charleston, & more...

January update...

GIST was presented at the Charleston Conference in November (Presentation available at: http://idsproject.org/presentations/GIST_2009_Charleston.pptx ) and a very thoughtful write up followed in the Library Journal soon after: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6706798.html?nid=3285

All is going well with the GIST Project; Mark's great programming of the Gift Manager is enabling all sorts of streamlining of gift management processing, including; donor letters, machine readable collection building profile that works with a modifiable conspectus, various searching and linking capabilities and more.

Screenshot of the Gift Manager Interface under development

Next step is attaching OCLC symbol to the process and then some alpha testing at a few libraries. Then it is time to tackle the 800 lb gorilla - the budget management system - making that with some new concepts and services is exciting.

Kate and Tim are making great strides with developing statistical reports and tools, also gathering data to share about results since our implementation since August.

More on all this at ALA Midwinter - for the ILL Discussion Group (ALA RUSA STARS) meeting Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010 at the Seaport Hotel, Amphitheater 10:30am. If you aren't attending - not a problem, we post everything on the website, and have an article forthcoming in Collection Management.

For libraries using GIST, let us know how you are adapting it and feedback.

Best wishes for the new year.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GIST workflow demo video

Check out a workflow demo video for GIST to see how it's used at SUNY Geneseo. In this example, you can follow the ILLiad process for purchasing requested items.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GIST ver. 1.0.1 - it's getting better all the time

GIST Version 1.0.1 has been loaded onto the Toolkit Wiki ( http://toolkit.idsproject.org/doku.php?id=wiki:gist ). Bug fix for an Amazon API element.

There is a full install for libraries that have not begun the installation and an update version. For the update version, just unzip the file into your ILLiad web directory and overwrite the files there.

Andy, thanks again for finding the bug. Mark

Friday, August 21, 2009

GIST Listserv GIST-L


Have questions, get updates, or want to be a part of the discussion of where GIST is headed - we have an email listserv for you...

Please sign up for the GIST-L listserv so that you will get notification of any updates. http://mail.geneseo.edu/mailman/listinfo/gist-l .

Thanks & best wishes,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Try GIST - it's definitely out of the box

Hello Everyone,

It's time to share GIST, all is working for ILLiad 8 (and ILLiad 7.4 albeit without the customized client layouts).

The documentation and download are available at: http://toolkit.idsproject.org/doku.php?id=wiki:gist

We encourage you to voluntarily register, so you can hear about any updates, etc.

We want to recognize the support of so many who have helped make GIST:

The GIST Project is partially funded by the Rochester Regional Library Council through the Regional Bibliographic Databases and Interlibrary Resource Sharing Program.

The staff at SUNY Geneseo Milne Library who have helped think through the process, various iterations, test, and provide feedback.

Staff at St. John Fisher Library who have helped beta test GIST.

Terry Reese (Oregon State University) and Kyle Banerjee (Orbis Cascade Alliance) for their programming help with WorldCat API

Atlas Systems for making ILLiad so darn flexible

Sherry Buchanan & Mike Flakus from Portland State University for making the Amazon Price Grabber

and so many more - thank you.

The GIST Team; Tim, Mark, Kate, and Cyril wish you a very fun time playing with GIST, but we want to hear your feedback and comments on our blog - thank you!