Monday, May 25, 2009

What data services do we need to help our decisions?

Imagine that when users place book suggestions or ILL requests, several data service feeds automatically fill the request, (alternative: or are hidden data to reduce the noisy distraction), and all this supplementary data can be used for automatic pricing, routing, or just streamlined decision making...

So what data services make sense?

Here is your chance to let us know what data services you would like to see us try and add to the GIST Interface.

So far, it looks like Amazon, Google and Worldcat are relatively easy and have a data for a variety of purposes, but what are you interested in having in the request interface? Book Mooch, Baker & Taylor, etc.

Let us know what you recommend and why - we appreciate your feedback.

GIST Interface #2

Friday, May 15, 2009

Interface Test #1 - What do you think?

Tim Bowersox, Mark Sullivan and Kate Pitcher have been busy tweeking the GIST interface - in preparation for Faculty feedback and surveys.

The functionality we love so far is the enhanced user feedback drop downs - so far, in tests with regular ILL requests, the question about essential to research has proven that users are willing to tag their ILL requests with essential and unessential.

The Amazon functionality is now much more extensive, Mark Sullivan re-wrote the Amazon Price Grabber now called Amazon Reviewer, because not only does it capture two price variables - new and lowest, he also added the ranking, reviews, click through to purchase, and error messaging. Wonderful work Mark! This works with ILLiad's OpenURL requests, but are also adding that functionality to the blank ILLiad request form.

What do you think of the Interface?

Why are we asking...

Like the Workflow Toolkit, we think other libraries may want to use components or ideas from GIST, so we plan to make all the documentation, files, etc. available to other libraries August 5th, 2009 during the IDS Conference.

Stay tuned next week...
GIST Interface may just have the Google Books API nestled into the interface.

We appreciate your interest, comments, and suggestions.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GIST - Getting It System Toolkit

Hello Everyone,

We want to introduce the concept GIST and the GIST Team.

Project GIST, the Getting It System Toolkit, will provide a new model and useful tools to integrate and optimize acquisition and interlibrary loan services and to promote regional collection diversity. The IDS Project GIST development team will develop and share these customizable and flexible tools for libraries, as they have done with the Workflow Toolkit which have been nationally recognized and widely adopted by library consortia and resource sharing system vendors.

Tim Bowersox, GIST web interface & ILLiad workflow designer
Kate Pitcher, GIST acquisition & collection development designer
Cyril Oberlander, project consultant
Ed Rivenburgh, IDS Project director
Mark Sullivan, project manager & Geneseo programmer