Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Latest Interface for comments

Just finishing up the functionality, optimizing the scripts, and now for field testing and user reviews. Cool features - all the data services are flexible, libraries can turn them on or off, customize the display and ILLiad field values as desired, and when one of the data services is unavailable, it doesn't fill up the screen.
Worldcat API (Thanks Terry and Kyle) - this helps users get an estimated available time based on resource sharing partnerships, but also helps acquisitions staff determine how widely held a title is - duplication is a purchasing criteria.
Amazon - this helps users see the cost, and they can purchase a copy if they want. This also gives users ranking and review data that may help them decide, buy, borrow, or reconsider.
Open content alliance, Gutenberg and more full-text options - thanks to Index Data's great data service.
Then there is a bunch of new ILLiad custom queues, email templates, routing rules, email routings to provide a new set of robust acquisitions automations. Whew, glad version 1 is almost done and ready to be released. Darn, version 2 will be a lot more work. As always, we want to hear your comments, feedback, and suggestions about GIST. Thanks.