Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GIST ver. 1.0.1 - it's getting better all the time

GIST Version 1.0.1 has been loaded onto the Toolkit Wiki ( ). Bug fix for an Amazon API element.

There is a full install for libraries that have not begun the installation and an update version. For the update version, just unzip the file into your ILLiad web directory and overwrite the files there.

Andy, thanks again for finding the bug. Mark

Friday, August 21, 2009

GIST Listserv GIST-L


Have questions, get updates, or want to be a part of the discussion of where GIST is headed - we have an email listserv for you...

Please sign up for the GIST-L listserv so that you will get notification of any updates. .

Thanks & best wishes,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Try GIST - it's definitely out of the box

Hello Everyone,

It's time to share GIST, all is working for ILLiad 8 (and ILLiad 7.4 albeit without the customized client layouts).

The documentation and download are available at:

We encourage you to voluntarily register, so you can hear about any updates, etc.

We want to recognize the support of so many who have helped make GIST:

The GIST Project is partially funded by the Rochester Regional Library Council through the Regional Bibliographic Databases and Interlibrary Resource Sharing Program.

The staff at SUNY Geneseo Milne Library who have helped think through the process, various iterations, test, and provide feedback.

Staff at St. John Fisher Library who have helped beta test GIST.

Terry Reese (Oregon State University) and Kyle Banerjee (Orbis Cascade Alliance) for their programming help with WorldCat API

Atlas Systems for making ILLiad so darn flexible

Sherry Buchanan & Mike Flakus from Portland State University for making the Amazon Price Grabber

and so many more - thank you.

The GIST Team; Tim, Mark, Kate, and Cyril wish you a very fun time playing with GIST, but we want to hear your feedback and comments on our blog - thank you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GIST Release August 19, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well, as a result of a significant change of the Amazon API (old Amazon API service ended as of 4pm yesterday), our team had to delay the release some 36 hours. So, thanks to Mark Sullivan's hard work re-writing code, the new configuration file should be wrapped up and all ready for release tomorrow. That is quite a turnaround time given the change to Amazon's API, it now requires a digital certificate, etc.

So, 24 hours from now, you too can enjoy, adapt, or customize like crazy some pretty cool GIST features. Thank you Mark for all your hard work reconfiguring GIST.

For GIST documentation, see:

Best wishes,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feedback Needed: Desired Features for next Version of GIST

As the first version of GIST is being released, we are beginning to plan for the next version, due out in August of 2010. What are the most desirable features of the next version? Here is a preliminary list of features we hope to work on in GIST 2.0:
  • ordering module (user sees allocation balances at point-of-request, etc.)
  • purchasing enhancements
  • statistical reports
  • cataloging features (ability to download MARC record, attach OCLC symbol, etc.)
  • gift management module for quick collection evaluation and donor acknowledgment
  • more vendor APIs
  • web interface for approvals and approval statuses
What else would you like to see in GIST 2.0? Give us your feedback!

Feedback Needed: Troubleshooting GIST

Troubleshooting GIST
What is working for you? What ISN'T working for you in GIST? Give us feedback about any problems you are encountering while using GIST.
Also, what works well?
Keep posting your comments and suggestions for improvements.

Feedback Needed: Workflow

The GIST Acquisitions workflow is really about three different activities:
  • Processing Purchase Requests
  • Review Required
  • Cancelling Requests
Are there others we are missing? What ideas do you have?

We are looking for feedback on all aspects of the workflow and are especially eager for comments on the referring of requests to Review. What suggestions do you have for this workflow detail? Because we are hoping to have a web interface for approvals in GIST version 2.0, we need your feedback!

Feedback Needed: Index Data

In this widget, the user sees if full-text or audio versions of the item are available in Open Content Alliance (OCA), Internet Archive or other online resource.
The ILL staff will be able to see if the full-text is available in the ILLiad request by the INARC symbol.

Feedback? Any suggestions for improving the interface or content?

Feedback Needed: WorldCat API

With the WorldCat API, the user sees if the item is owned locally, gets a link to the local library catalog to see availability and can also get an estimated turnaround time for delivery from another library.
The ILL and Acquisitions staff get to see if the item is held locally and the number of holdings in two configurable groups, whether they are consortial or at the state or regional level.

Feedback is requested -- how would you like to see this information displayed? What other pieces of information are missing?

Feedback Needed: Google Books API

What feedback can you give the GIST team about the Google Books API?
The user sees the Table of Contents, an indication that there is No Full-Text, Partial Text and Full-Text views available. The ILL staff will see that Full-Text is available in Google Books with the GOOGL symbol in ILLiad.

What do you like or dislike about this API? Any other suggestions?

Feedback Needed: Purchasing Options

We need your feedback on the Purchasing Options component of GIST. In this widget, the user sees the price to purchase from the Amazon API with both the new and the lowest price indicated (the "Lowest Vendor" here indicating the third-party sellers on Amazon) and a link to Amazon directly if they choose to purchase the book themselves.
The ILL and Acquisitions staff see the New & Lowest Vendor price (Amazon) in the ILLiad requests.
The user also sees purchase price for Better World Books and other vendors through a Better World Books API and Google API.
We are interested to hear feedback about this component -- which vendors would you like to see included in this widget? Any other suggestions for purchasing options?

Feedback Needed: Amazon API

Now that GIST is being released, we are looking for feedback from the community. The Amazon API enhances the user's request evaluation with reviews, ranking, a cover image, and a link to the full information on Amazon's website.
What else is needed? Is better placement needed of the information on the GIST interface? What suggestions do you have? What other Amazon information would be helpful to the user?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

GIST version 1 Release Aug. 18, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Just want to let everyone know that we plan to release GIST version 1 on August 18, 2009. This allows us a few days to review the changes that will be made to the Amazon API license terms, one of many APIs used by GIST - see image of GIST Interface with descriptions below for details.

Important notes...
  • We are very pleased by the testing so far - we think you will really like adapting GIST tools to your specifications, local practices, etc. By the way, the scripts are written in .net and easily loaded and adapted to your web pages - why .net? So it works for hosted ILLiad sites, and don't worry it is really easy to work with the configuration.

  • GIST is designed for ILLiad 8.0 (although it will work with ILLiad 7.4, being unable to customize the client view makes processing a bit of a translation of field names) ILLiad 8.0 is expected to be available September aka Fall.

  • GIST Documentation is already going up on the Workflow Toolkit:

  • GIST is a great opportunity for ILL to demo the cool and useful features of the ILLiad system to Acquisitions staff and a wonderful opportunity for discussions of possible collaborations.
  • We want to hear your feedback, the recent presentation of GIST version 1 is available at: and this blog will have lots of entries specific to the components, workflow, etc. in hopes that you will let us know what you think, what features you hope GIST version 2 will have, etc.
  • On that note, I better get busy... By the way, images below include a description of the interface, and a template for the workflow we are using at SUNY Geneseo - that said, as you may already appreciate about ILLiad, it's flexible for other processes and features.

Best wishes.

GIST Interface with descriptions:

GIST Workflow Map: