Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GIST in Library Journal, & @ Charleston, & more...

January update...

GIST was presented at the Charleston Conference in November (Presentation available at: ) and a very thoughtful write up followed in the Library Journal soon after:

All is going well with the GIST Project; Mark's great programming of the Gift Manager is enabling all sorts of streamlining of gift management processing, including; donor letters, machine readable collection building profile that works with a modifiable conspectus, various searching and linking capabilities and more.

Screenshot of the Gift Manager Interface under development

Next step is attaching OCLC symbol to the process and then some alpha testing at a few libraries. Then it is time to tackle the 800 lb gorilla - the budget management system - making that with some new concepts and services is exciting.

Kate and Tim are making great strides with developing statistical reports and tools, also gathering data to share about results since our implementation since August.

More on all this at ALA Midwinter - for the ILL Discussion Group (ALA RUSA STARS) meeting Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010 at the Seaport Hotel, Amphitheater 10:30am. If you aren't attending - not a problem, we post everything on the website, and have an article forthcoming in Collection Management.

For libraries using GIST, let us know how you are adapting it and feedback.

Best wishes for the new year.